The design thinking cycle is one of the newest and most innovative methods that has been used around the world to approach problems and challenges. Industries are moving towards this new design thinking movement. However, moving forward also includes dishonourably moving forward with the new generation, namely kids. We offer interactive and Lexington-Fayette engaging challenges, to allow students to experience the design thinking cycle first-hand, and also get used to the new mindset. The design thinking process, allows young children to begin critical thinking and thus also make smarter decisions, while also allowing their communication skills to improve when amongst a group.

“The boats with no air sink, with the ones with a good body that have air can float, like my milk carton”

“The roof will be pointy, like houses we live in, so that the water passes through and goes on each side of the house and doesn’t pile up on the top of the House”

“I tested my first boat design, and it didn’t work, so I created another one and that one worked”

*please note that the poor quality of these pictures is due to quarantine and online sessions



We introduce a character who needs some help. The students empathize with this character to further understand what they have to design as a solution.


After empathizing, the students define the task in their own terms. Along the way, we remind them of certain aspects to keep in mind when designing.


The students ideate by drawing out their ideas and sharing with the class. In smaller groups, the students ideate together, and then share their ideas in the larger group.


The students use their drawings to build their products physically. They mostly use materials that are either easily accessible (cardboard) or recyclable (juice boxes).


Using a variety of prototypes, students test their products and compare the success of their ideas to the rest of the groups. As a group, we cycle back through these steps, to further develop our ideas and come up with the most appropriate solution.

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