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Erreurs 1000, 1100 : Votre modem n'est pas connecté à Internet. Erreurs 1101, 1102 : Un problème gêne le rendement optimal de votre service Internet. Error message: Currently unable to connect to the Bell servers. That was around 17h00, on January 15. Apparently, Code 1101 means that there is a problem with the line, between the modem at my end, and the local node at Bell’s end. Que faire: Vérifiez les connexions de votre modem. If the problem persists, please contact us Erreurs 1000, 1100, 1101,1102 - Aucune connexion aux serveurs de Bell. Error 2000 – Outage. Home Hub 1000; Home Hub 2000; Home Hub 3000; If the problem persists, please contact us. And this connection of my LAN is accomplished through a Home Hub 3000 Modem / Router. What to do: Check your modem connections. Try again later. Error 1101, 1102: You're currently not getting the best performance from your Internet service. My ISP is Bell Canada, and my LAN connects to a service of theirs called ‘Fibe 50′, which stands for a 50 Mbps, DSL connection, to a Local Node, which in turn is connected to Bell via Fibre Optics. Codes d'erreur de la Borne universelle et solutions. What to do: Try connecting again later. Because of that, the tech support person told me that he’d actually need to send a line-man to my location, to continue troubleshooting.

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