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[1] Von Plauen did not participate in the battle and was trusted to command reserve forces of about 3,000 men in Schwetz. [1] The allied forces moved slowly, averaging only about 15 km (9.3 mi) per day, giving time for von Plauen to organize the defense. The city was cut off, traffic on the Nogat river was blocked, and on August 5, 1460, the city surrendered. He sent his troops to capture numerous small castles that were left without garrisons. [3], Map of army movements in the Grunwald campaign, The main Polish–Lithuanian forces arrived only on 26 July 1410. The Siege of Marienburg and subsequent Peace of Thorn are seen as disappointing results of the great Battle of Grunwald.[5]. Marienburg was the capital of the state of the Teutonic Order, in particular, the residence of the Grand Master of the order. Nevertheless, the siege of Marienburg continued through the winter, and following royal order, Olrich Cervonka was replaced by Scibor z Ponieca. The truce ended in July 1459, and the Knights immediately resumed military activity. Lithuanian troops, commanded by Vytautas, were the first to withdraw. Marienburg was defended by Jan Koscielecki and Prandota Lubieszowski, while Polish King was unable to gather an army, due to never-ending arguments with the magnates. In the spring of 1458, Polish Sejm agreed to send levee en masse to Marienburg. Under the circumstances, Poles decided to act, and on March 21, 1460, their army approached the city of Marienburg, which, unlike the castle, was in Teutonic hands. Their path was blocked by the Teutonic Knights, who engaged the allied forces in the decisive Battle of Grunwald on 15 July 1410. Film report of the Siege of Marienburg (Malbork)show. It is considered a diplomatic victory for the Knights as they suffered only minimal territorial losses. It is not entirely clear whether von Plauen marched to Marienburg based on pre-battle instructions of Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen or on his own initiative to fill the leadership void. The mayor of Marienburg was sentenced to death for treason. [2] They send envoys to Sigismund of Hungary and Wenceslaus, King of the Romans, who provided a loan to hire mercenaries and promised to send Bohemian and Moravian reinforcements by the end of September. [8] The nobles wanted to return home for the harvest and the mercenaries wanted to get paid. In the spring of 1457, the garrison of Marienburg, composed of mercenaries (mostly from Bohemia), hired by the Teutonic Knights, began negotiations with Polish King Casimir IV Jagiellon. The joint Polish and Lithuanian forces, under command of King Władysław II Jagiełło and Grand Duke Vytautas, besieged the castle between 26 July and 19 September 1410 in a bid of complete conquest of Prussia after the great victory in the Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg). The Siege of Marienburgwas an unsuccessful two-month siege of the castle in Marienburg (Malbork), the capital of the monastic stateof the Teutonic Knights. The Knights, commanded by Bernard Szumborski, failed to do so, and Marienburg remained in Polish hands, becoming the seat of Malbork Voivodeship. Von Plauen wanted to continue warfare, but he was pressured by his advisers into peace negotiations. [10] Jogaila raised a fresh army and dealt another defeat to the Knights in the Battle of Koronowo on 10 October 1410. Siege of Marienburg occurred during the Thirteen Years' War between the Teutonic Knights and the Kingdom of Poland. The Siege of Marienburg and subsequent Peace of Thorn are seen as disappointing results of the great Battle of Grunwald.

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