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Wattle Valley Chunky dips (Exotic Thai, Lite roasted pumpkin) Thai Red Curry with coconut and mock duck, Walnut, Pomegranate & Roasted Carrot Sauce, Napoli with tomato basil oregano & garlic, Better Than Cream Cheese Original Flavour, Better Than Cream Cheese French Onion Flavour, Angel Food Dairy Free Parmesan Alternative Original, Baked Almond with garlic, chilli and Rosemary, Mozzarella Flavour in Block (250g & 2.5kg), Smoked Gouda Flavour in Block (250g & 2.5kg), Special for Pizza in Block (250g & 2.5kg), Mediterranean Feta Flavour in Block (250g & 2.5kg), Fresh Vegan Mozz. Element Gnocchi Varieties @IGA Grown Skin care range @Priceline Natural Instinct Shampoo, Conditioner, Nice and clean body Product Details. Tri Nature Laundry powders Pacific West Indian samosas mega value pack, 36 pieces This savory oatmeal is dairy free, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian - making it a great choice for anyone cooking for a family with a variety of dietary requirements. Ekologist Godis Frukt @IKEA Eco Tools Cruelty free makeup brushes Presidor Chocolate lined wafer rolls @Leos Woolworths Homebrand Rice and corn cakes, Ajita’s Vege Chips All flavours except tasty cheese Gaia For Men Shave gel & cream @Priceline Ho Mai Spring Rolls, Entertainer pack Snack Bar Banana, Apricot If you know of any items that need to be added or are no longer vegan, you can use our Suggest a Vegan … Petite Cuisine Vegi Patties with red bean SPC Big bean pocket rich tomato @7Eleven Mexico City All Natural Corn Chips Natural, Beetroot & Spinach @Leos Nesquick Chocolate Primasoy Tempeh varieties @Specialty stores Loving Earth Luvju Raw Organic Chocolate Varieties @Go Vita, Maxi Foods Skittles Fruit Aldi Flirt Blitz Mints (tin) Peppermint, Spearmint @IGA Movietime Caramel popcorn Fino Berry Flavoured Jells Zebra Coconut ice creams, Bakers Delight Bread (vegan products listed on Bakers Delight website)(Not including loaves and rolls) Coconut finger bun, Cinnamon finger bun, Plain finger bun, Coffee & date log, Coffee & date roll, Authentic sourdough hot cross bun, Fruitless hot cross bun, Traditional hot cross bun, Apricot delight log, Apricot delight scroll, Cinnamon mini scroll, Jam mini scroll, Apple ring, Apple & walnut ring, Apple & apricot ring, Apple log, Apple & walnut log, Apple & almond log, Apple & walnut scroll, Apple & cinnamon scroll, Apple scroll, Jam scroll, Coffee scroll, Mini coffee scroll, Cinnamon scroll, Jam log, Iced fruit bun, Boston bun, Mini Boston bun, Berry mini scroll, Jam filled bunlet Fruit bun, Wholemeal pizza base, White pizza base, Herb & garlic focaccia, Sweet chilli, mustard & sesame seed rodini Seventh Gen Cleaning range @Leos Veri Deli Crispy Crackers Sesame, Soy and linseed Go Natural Bars Fruit & nut choc, Macadamia Eco Varieties, Sandwich thins Ayam Plum sauce, Sweet chilli sauce, Thai red curry paste Kelloggs Rice Bubbles, Nutri-grain, 5 Grain Mini Wheats, Coco Pops, Corn Flakes, All Bran original, All Bran wheat flakes original, Sustain Loving Earth Raw organic kale chips @IGA, Leos, Speciality Paradise Jam Fancies Rowie’s Cakes Chocolate Raspberry Bikkie, Abe’s Bagel Crisps Original, Rocksalt, Roasted garlic A’Kin Pure Man Water crackers Plain, Cracked pepper @Aldi Natures Gate @Priceline Planet Earth Soap and body wash varieties @Target Take Me Home Pizza bases @IGA Coles Sorbet Lemon, Mango For those who want some extra protein, you can top this oatmeal with a fried/boiled egg. Smiths Original chips Eskal Scottish shortbread, Deli crackers @Health Food Stores, Go Vita Green Grove Organics Licorice Doritos Original corn chips You can head over to these guides for the UK and the USA. Orgran The entire product line is vegan Natures Organics Natural skin expert Damora Whole wheat crackers, Sea salt & chilli, Pumpkin & sunflower seed, Olive oil & sea salt @Aldi Pure Harvest Rice Malt Syrup Dollar Sweets 190g 100’s & 1000’s Gelativo Dairy free sorbet Maharajah’s Choice Pappadam Plai Whittakers Blocks (Dark chocolate 50%, Dark Almond, Dark Ghana 72%, Peppermint, Rum & Raisin, Dark Orange), Dark Peanut slab, Aldi Flirt Blitz Mints (tin) Peppermint, Spearmint Tilda Legendary rice Oriental stir fry, Vegetable biryani Vegie Fix Quick Meals Mexican, Moroccan vegetable tagine Frosty Fruit Tropical icy pole flavour Musashi Soy protein Coles Select Berry Bircher Muesli Omega Gold Table spread @Specialty stores & Go Vita Organic Bubs Baby food @Target, Grants Extra fresh toothpaste @Coles and Health Stores Chocolate Mud Spread, Alchemy Tea Syrup Chai elixir Fry’s Peppermint Cream, Chocolate Cream, Orange Cream Masterfoods Traditional tartare sauce, Bacon flavoured chips Dick Smith Chunky Peanut Butter Eskal Noble Choice Choc mint, Noble Choice Choc & raspberries, Noble Choice Choc & almonds, Noble Choice Dark choc

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