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nachobuisness Nov 7, 2020. Hugh would meet Sonic in the green hill zone. He would have one last match in the company three months later for the title, in a Church of Extreme match (TLC, Barbed wire, and inferno (a match where the ring is surrounded by fire) combined) where he would suffer a concussion, and have the match end in a no contest. Hugh would later be forced to defend his title the next week in a hell in a cell match. None found Filters. In which Hugh would lose.. Hugh would debut in MWE later under the Savior of extreme gimmick. The wolf would challenge Sonic to a race, Sonic would accept Hugh's challenge. Hugh begun making a name for himself with a cover of American idiot. Hugh just responded to his loss with a middle finger. Hugh weeks later would be revealed to have been released for the sake of safety for himself, and others. Later Hugh would take on a returning howl in a TLC (A tables, ladders, and chairs) match for his world title in which Hugh would lose the title and break his ankle. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. ^_^. Hugh would address his brutal assault the following night. Trashing Admin. rouge by thetideshaveturnd. After a local jobber accepted the new champs open challenge Hugh would help him win. Hugh would lose the match through interference. Already a deviant? The wolf will get a title opportunity at that years bloodlust in a stipulation of his choice: a barbed wire hell in a cell match. Giant-Rouge-Fanclub. 1 PersonalityEdit 2 History 2.1 Start of his stardom 2.2 First encounter with Sonic 2.3 The car accidentEdit 3 Wrestling careerEdit 3.1 Independent circuit 3.2 MCW 3.3 MWE 3.4 MCW 3.5 MWE RETURN 3.6 INDEPENDENT CIRCUIT 3.7 MCW RETURN 4 Abilities and skills 5 ThemeEdit 6 Quotes 7 Trivia Hugh is a arrogant, yet brave person. Rouge the bat by boyoboy655. Hugh would dissolve the faction by turning his back on the faction turning Heel in the process. Howl would be banned from ringside the next night during a fatal four way number one conteneders match in which the winner will face the . You Might Like . Date Added. He would after the match raise his opponents arm seemingly as a sign of respect., It is obvious he is inspired from Chris Jericho (Through the list, and his last name). See More by Delete-This-Trash. Sonic (Delete This) Skin Mods for Sonic Boll Sonic Boll / Skins / Other/Misc. (Now Drink in the gift of Jericho). repeatedly in the recording. The following year Hugh returned under a new gimmick "The savior of extreme'. Hugh would go on to feud with Howl and end in a tables match which Hugh would be victorious in. Sonic Equipment is the specialist in high-quality hand tools, filled toolboxes and premium storage solutions. Hugh would also change his nickname to the definition of hardcore. Hugh made his wrestling debut as a pompous artist. Do you really know? He also got a guitar on his 12th birthday. Hugh is a arrogant, yet brave person. ", "Do you know what happens when you make me the butt of a stupid joke? Hugh would reply to the loss by hitting Howl with a steel chair. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Hugh still uses the list in most of his gimmicks. I don't think I'm ever going to get tired of these tbh, you draw them so damn well~! The statements turned out both to be true. Though the next week The jobber will have an open challenge in which Hugh would do a squash win. Hugh Jericho was born on September 17th 1997. growing up he always had a interest in the military, wrestling, and music. Hugh would win the tag title. Comments 17. . fat-sonicgirls-club. Hugh first appearance as the savior of extreme was along with a main roster return in a ladder match to determine the number one contender for the world championship, in which Hugh would win after doing a diving headbutt off a ladder. Hugh would return to being a free agent after years of not being on the independent circuit. Admin. Presets. Hugh would win the match by disqualification and break his arm leaving him out of action for a few months, Later on in interviews Hugh mentioned he might be heading to MWE's developmental territory, and might return a old gimmick. Both would win their title matches and reformed the ammunition army for one reason to wreak havoc on MCW. Each week they would something questionable including pipebombs, assaults on others, and hijacking the show TWICE. Trash Notice. Hugh would make his debut under a gimmick change as a person who would go against alcohol and attempt to convert people to straight edge beliefs. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Hugh would later be given a undisputed championship opportunity. Hugh would return once again affiliating himself with the ammunition army under his savior of extreme/hardcore gimmick.

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