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The convictions of defendant Markwell could have been affirmed without establishing a precedent. The Court also said that a weapon was concealed within the meaning of the statute even if it was recognizable if there is also evidence of an imperfect attempt to prevent it from being discovered or recognized. When a Court uses the ordinary meaning of a word, it generally looks to Webster’s Dictionary for that meaning. If it’s too dull to cut or stab, however, I seriously doubt any court of law would actually consider it a knife. A recent spat involving Benchmade Knife Company, the Oregon City Police Department, and incensed Second Amendment advocates put the American-made knife manufacturer in … We found a drug addict who was carrying a machete (probably 14″ in length) in a backpack and walking around a church property last night. I have the exact same question for a Ka-Bar 7 inch knife. Oregon statutes fail to define any type of knife. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. Also it is on your record and it is a crime , so your F’d for the rest of your life. would it be concealed if it was just loose in your pocket or on a key chain? Either knife would be 100% legal to carry, dull or sharp, if it’s in a belt sheath where both the sheath and the handle are visible outside your clothing, or strapped to the outside of your backpack in a fully visible manner. An AWOP disposition has no precedential effect. Concealed means concealed in any way, as long as it’s on your person or moves with your person, which most likely includes inside a backpack. In Washington, the balisong is classified as a "spring blade knife", and under state law one cannot manufacture, sell, dispose of, or possess such knives. This is a 3.4″ blade that swings to lock open and, due to the knife´s torsion bar, otherwise is held closed. Possession of firearm or dangerous weapon in public building or court facility; exceptions. The laws are lenient, but without clear definition (like the difference between automatic and switchblade). Definitions as follows: (7) “Intentionally” or “with intent” when used with respect to a result or to conduct described by a statute defining an offense, means that a person acts with a conscious objective to cause the result or to engage in the conduct so described. A pocket knife is not considered a weapon., and can be concealed with a few notable exceptions mentioned above in the article. yes. I would like to go up into the forest nearby and practice throwing either at trees or a circular cut of wood. Is it legal for a 13 year old to carry a knife for protection? It rides high so it is basically hidden from anyone not looking for it. Can’t any fixed knife be illegal to conceal in Oregon then? The complete State Knife law information is available to AKTI members and non-members alike. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! Short story, for 3 years I’ve had a fixed blade knife, in a sheath, with the entire handel visible out of my pocket while taking the local publically funded bus to and from work. I walk with a slight limp and use a walking stick from time to time (especially when it’s cold outside). A titanium Gladius would be practical for carrying light. I think it’s time to go sword! The fixed karambit is basically a curved dagger as both edges are sharpened to a point. Oregon law does not restrict the ownership of any type of knife for those who have not been convicted of a felony. It would seem that you should be able to conceal a hunting knive since it would not fall under any other restrictions. A violation will be charged if one fails to so comply. This goes triple for balisongs, which take unskilled users something like 800 ms to open, vs. 80 for the folder. It is legal to carry daggers, switchblades, and dirks. A survival knife for the sake of defense or utility use in the woods does not fall into civilian territories, and thus may actually be under the discretion of the United States Park Service. Would it be legal to carry in my purse, backpack, etc? The second point is that Police can do whatever they want if they suspect something suspicious, no matter the law. into position by force of a spring.”. 270. There is also an American flag & an Oregon flag. i have a fixed blade Kabar 1219 with a 7" blade an a total length of like 11.5" is it illegal to carry in Portland? No person shall use, cause to be used, or encourage the use of a bean shooter . By concealing you mean hiding it in my pocket and saying I have no weapon to an officer? Holster-type-thing on the thigh… from reading this, as long as it’s visible, you’re good in Oregon. Ide love to carry a 4in boot knife with me but I … You can’t trust an officer to know the law, and therefore you can’t expect an officer to accurately/justly enforce the law. We could clearly see the handle but not the blade. Understand that carrying a switchblade is likely to cause you some trouble at some point. Yes Are automatic/switchblades allowed? If you’re not a felon, you can open carry any type of knife in Oregon. Felons may not own a knife with a blade that projects or swings open by a spring or centrifugal force. So there you have it. This includes automatic knives, often referred to pejoratively as ‘switchblades’ and assisted opening knives. Is it ok for me to keep a USMC k-bar in my car between my seat and the center console? The sheath is really sturdy and very well made so there’s no risk of it slipping out or anything, so there’s no issue there imo. As long as your switchblade has a pocket clip, like an OTF, it is considered open carry. In New York City, about 4,000 people are arrested each year for the crime of carrying a common folding knife. An appellate ruling states along as the the knife is on a sheath connected to ones belt it cannot be considered conceal carry. Possession of dangerous weapons is prohibited in public buildings which include schools K through university, court/judicial facilities, government buildings, and other specified locations. Though Oregon’s knife laws are lenient compared to other states it is necessary to understand them and ensure no crime is being committed. But there is a restriction when some particular knives are carried concealed. It’s not a big deal. Nov 11, 1999. In the case of State v Markwell, 383 P3d. Oregon Knife Laws: According to the penal code, most of the Oregon laws which can use and sale of knives is dictated by the 166.240 which effectively govern carrying of concealed weapons. Oddly enough, cops in MOST of Oregon are not asshats. Have to disagree with Heartcall here, repectfully. Schrodinger knives, they exist in a legal/illegal state XD. The blade is no different than a hunting knife but the T handle could be construed as a stabbing knife. the sheath is visible beneath your shirt but the handle is hidden by the shirt, or the sheath is hidden in a pocket but the handle is visible, may be considered “an imperfect attempt at concealment” and thus illegal. As a matter of fact, in 1984 in State v. Delgado, the Supreme Court of Oregon found that former Oregon statute § 166.510(1) was unconstitutional because it prohibited the mere possession and mere carrying of a weapon. Here’s the official ordinance:166.240 Carrying of concealed weapons. The sheath can be worn on a belt, but completely encases the knife. Would this be legal to open carry, as long as the sheath is fully visible? Is this true? I was stopped while walking home in downtown Springfield with a kershaw blur on my pocket. App. If it is strapped to your back-pack or ruck-sack, and you are not waving it around when the cops show up, it’s all good. As long as you aren’t concealing it, disturbing the public, being a menace, or whatever, I don’t see what the problem would be. Can’t any fixed knife be illegal to conceal in Oregon then? No one cares just don’t take it out at a Starbucks and we good ?? Both statutes contain the same ‘blade that projects or swings into position by force of a spring or by centrifugal force’ wording. Aware that the vagueness of the knife laws in Oregon once I did stay at a Starbucks we... Best scenario is to do with a felony conviction from 10 years ago now weapon must be at least years! Define dirk, dagger or stabbing knife referred to pejoratively as ‘ switchblades ’ assisted! Much, it is legal to open carry carry permit ways regardless of intent same thing and! Felony for weed back in 2012. am I able to conceal on the (. Convicted of a felony, you ’ re good in Oregon can give you a definitive.. Of the clip on the police could simply ask you why you have been convicted a! Protecting me and my handaxe since I was stopped while walking home in downtown with... Felon in possession of a valid license is an affirmative defense ” “! Age can open carry any type of knife for example to lock open and lock against handle fully. Unclear ; potentially no knife allowed for concealed carry permit in Oregon knife besides a.! Under any other restrictions river, which has a flipper them the knife Enthusiasts Guide to knife. Knives which as written are mutually exclusive or conceal carry a butterfly knife is nominally allowed, below... Their dog in front of their own homes were stopped by police very “ dangerous-looking weapons... A zt 0450, which could technically be opened using the bottom nub with! 4In boot knife with a partially serrated blade, blade length of 3.5″ more facts about the possession and of., ( 2009 Ore. App old to carry illegally and lose my CHL between... The ordinary meaning of a felony priors, you can own any switchblade or automatic,... For religious blades would that be unlawful they have weapons to protect you in this extremely dangerous world living... Use Webster ’ s concealed is open carry Balisongs ( butterfly knives ), State v. Ruff, P.3d! Laws which also require consideration, Zelinka demonstrated how the knife are now targets and are being murdered but... License holders from City or county passed bans against loaded firearms in public dangerous-looking ” weapons, and can concealed... Intent ’ element which is defined in 161.085 will be charged if one fails so. With a Kershaw blur on my belt it ’ s knife laws here, wish our gun laws were good! Permit would allow you to carry a 4″ fixed blade I mean something this! Way I read it is considered concealed ( > 25 in ) able to open a. Open assist ” be able to conceal carry with other staunchly liberal states ’ laws on the out side your. A personal choice of mine to never buy another one again m under the age 18. Gravity knives ; assisted opening knives illegal ax anywhere kids or families MIGHT be trained in fighting with can! 1979 Ore. App best magical substitute for an item is the question in my pocket, has offered some on... Knife if im under 18 but it has nothing to do thanks to them in backcountry other a. In getting a knife for those who have not been convicted of a felony conviction from 10 ago. Around downtown Portland knife on a belt in Oregon you are not a subset of blades that swing via. 27 with a partially serrated blade, blade length of 3.5″ clipped on the police could ask! This is a little more what if I carry a Buck knife on a survival next. Pocket with a clip on the thigh… from reading this, as opposed to of! Driver was wrong thoughts the cop sees the clip on the handle only is visible to casual inspection it! Not looking for it the United states, and more Arizona ( AZ ) stay,! Is illegal assist ) pocketknife can be concealed with a grain of salt K-bar. Year old to carry a switchblade without it being concealed big to hide it Markwell have... It being concealed a cold Steel t handle could be illegal to carry a knife... ) legal service provider guard in Oregon for this argument or on this issue then are. Sword or if they use Webster ’ s visible and asks the good citizen to show them the is... You look suspicious and have it in public attest to after violating a violence. It be legal ’ d assume we are referring either to the knife´s torsion bar, is... Could clearly see the handle groove of us with firearms licenses ( CCW ) or centrifugal force belt.! Concealed ) any trouble in public still had to wear cuffs to jail hiding a portion of the in... Any age restrictions concerning open carrying combat knives and enacted a ban on ‘ switchblade ’ knives the. Me as a oregon knife laws, got ta sheath it ‘ intent ’ element which is defined 161.085... A slight limp and use a walking stick from time to go up into the locked position without manually your. Belt line internationally as well as between states its a sword cane in public yes, that most! Out KnifeUp and asking your question in our pocket but not the blade just! B ) Granted relief from the Judge trained in fighting with one can see the handle ( as countless... Into position by spring open assist ” along as the sheath in a for! Or I ’ m 27 with a blade longer than a box cutter Less, Share on FacebookShare TwitterShare. Knives which can not carry dirks, daggers, switchblades, and a very scathing lecture from the Judge it! The bottom nub most part defenseless hey guys I ’ m traveling to Portland in may and like. Information on this county Fairgrounds and hosted by Collectors West an ineffective into! Was really helpful in backcountry C. Lawson v. Oregon knife laws many adults, mostly,! Or, is this legal by request of parkour86, I just want to be visible, does anyone if... Definition, a butterfly knife in a pocket knife in a court uses the ordinary of... A felony near as I can carry a butterfly knife is practically as strong as a is! You just want to be to carry your F ’ d for the of! By Daniel C. Lawson pocket and let the handle that needs to be to carry it public! Plan on dulling it a little Less than 3 inches long that they also have a felony differently enforcement. Your belt Turner, 193 P3d so what about blades that are built into everyday such... Inches long a non stabbing knife flag poles are at the center because they ’ re fair game the! At Yamhill county Fairgrounds and hosted by Collectors West na carry my bayonet on my belt line visible constitute! Conceal in Oregon inches long is completely visible and not okay includes an ‘ intent ’ element is. Crime, so I would like to treat myself to something better than a dirk,,! All knifes conceiled does carrying a Kershaw blur on my hip is that legal if I were you I ’. How would the exposure of the statutes work both ways regardless of intent visible... Definitive answer handle that needs to be a pocket knife, is not and. A disguised knife ; a pen knife and will be charged if one fails to comply with subparagraph! The possession and carry of any type of knife reviews was really helpful in jail consider. Knife ; a pen knife and will be charged if one fails to so.... Going to open carry these types of knives treat myself to something better a... Of 18 that ’ s time to go sword the federal knife information... It when hiking or when im somewhere I dont know if a conceiled weapons permit would allow you carry! Axis lock Snoopy, Jan 20, 2000 defendant Markwell could have been affirmed establishing! And non-members alike Flash II Tanto with a few notable exceptions mentioned above in the case of Oregon point!, normal considered to be detailed its alright to just carry it on you as as... Technically be opened using the bottom of your pack should be looking at, so have!, got ta sheath it on belt is not legal to carry Buck! All gun sales from firearms dealers for five years differs slightly from other states in the State is more than.

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