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The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing ( BCEN ) offers a Certified Flight Registered Nurse ( CFRN ) credential for nursing. If you live in any of these states and are thinking about becoming a trauma nurse, now might be the perfect time to earn your degree and certification. Education + Experience = Salary. Become certified in trauma nursing. The Society of Trauma Nurses states that the Trauma Certified Registered nurse (TCRN®) certification is a “mark of distinction for trauma nurses across the continuum of trauma care.” It shows that a nurse has mastered certain knowledge and skills, and is committed to excellence. Trauma nurse practitioners provide medical care to patients with injuries requiring immediate medical attention. There may be careers elsewhere that use the same skills, but the title of trauma nurse is specifically for those that tend to the most critical conditions in a hospital emergency room. Trauma nurses work in the emergency room at a hospital. Trauma nurses can also become certified in flight nursing—responding to medical emergencies from the air and participating in evacuation/disaster relief. Trauma nurse practitioners are acute care nurses with graduate-level education who work in emergency or trauma departments. The mean (average) salary for an RN is $75,510 per year, according to the BLS, but specialized nurses tend to earn more.

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