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Let me share with you the process. Again, thanks for the wonderful tutorial and I hope I can use it as a resource again for another future project! And if you can not remember my old couch, here is a little reminder. How could I make this work with a leather reclining sofa? That is a great idea! Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. But when it comes to sofas I love clean lines, modular type furniture. I used a grey Minwax wood stain to finish it. Thanks Lou, I really wish the cushion covers did zip off but it is all attached to the frame of the sofa. This involves making the prototype and ironing out any issues before it gets put into production. 4. Then finally to the upholsterers table. It then moves to the fabric stages; templating, cutting and stitching. Porto is a small, historic city, so easy it’s to explore - you have the Douro river, a lot of coastline and some amazing sunsets. You can teach someone basic tacking on covers in six months, but to become a skilled bespoke upholsterer with a broad knowledge of all aspects of the craft; from the frames and cutting, to stitching and more difficult techniques, I would say that it is a 10 to 15 year journey. I’ve been trying to cover it for almost 3 months now but it seems impossible! Sorry, I am no help. My taste changes slightly when it comes to chairs, bar stools, beds and headboards - I love them with bold fabrics, I’ve been able to work with a lot of amazing fabrics over the years. 3) Shape. I added some patterned fabric to the side panels of the cushions (the ones you sit on), and also to the skirt of the couch. And I have found that because my couch is leather under, the cover does slide slightly. This involves making the prototype and ironing out any issues before it gets put into production. Whether you're planing furniture or a bank robbery the most important part is having a plan. You’ll need screws, nuts, and bolts to assemble the pallet pieces and a screw gun. Anyone else making a sofa slipcover or want to? My new cover is a blue canvas, we wanted a gray but we fell in love with this blue piece. Another Dutch designer, Maarten Baas, has an amazing smoke chair range which I love. When we are finally happy with the product, I train the team in the factory and we begin production. It all started when I was twenty living in South Africa, I was fascinated with vintage furniture and I wanted to learn how to make my own. Step 1: The Plan. We employ an army of talented Portuguese artisans who hand make our sofas and armchairs: from building and carving the solid wood frames to sewing 995 stitches per metre. Because my couch is leather under, the fabric does slide slightly when you sit on it from the back. Then trim corner by the folded edge, this will give the fabric a point after it is turned. As far as designers go, Piet Hein Eek is a Dutch up-cycle furniture king. At the beginning of the 20th century, a school teacher from Pacos de Ferreira, Portugal built furniture which was used in schools across the country. Make sure when you are coming to corners on the fabric that you sew 1/2″ away from the edges. Proper measurements are crucial and once you have your measurements in place, you can knock this one out in an afternoon. Buying a slipcover is certainly easier, but you can make a custom slipcover that fits your couch exactly for a lot less money. A step-by-step tutorial on how to make a sofa slipcover. You did a great job! What’s so great about this modern sofa is that you don’t have to do much cutting because there are no arms or back. I’m also hoping to visit some nice vintage stores and markets soon. And you will have a complete slipcover. To sew the panels together, pin the fabric together and trace with the fabric marker. Hi Megan, Here I am struggling at 4am in the morning. N: There are many different stages to making a piece of furniture. The upholstery chart stated that I would need 14 yards of fabric but I wanted to wash the fabric before making the slipcover, so I added an extra 2 yards for shrinkage. WEARING THE LONGEST NAILS FOR 24 HOURS – Gi... Rex Orange County - Loving is Easy (feat. But overall a big improvement from before. Seeing as pallet furniture is so on trend right now, I thought I would share some of my research findings with you. 3 THINGS TO DO BEFORE STARTING A HOME PROJECT. I was fortunate enough to see both designer’s work in person when I was living in Holland. Hi Andrea, I have not seen it done but I have heard of people reupholstering a reclining sofa. Wash the fabric and create a sewing station by the sofa. Q: Have you worked in other parts of the industry? This DIY sofa can be made with basic power tools in less than 5 hours. Another Dutch designer. I still wish I would have added piping to the arms. I started learning about upholstery at college, but as soon as my course finished, I worked in factories for free to learn how to make furniture on the job - it was great fun, I have a lot of great memories from that time. We promise to only email you lovely things. Full instructions here: Ben on Instagram for project updates: got all of the leather supplies from Tandy Leather.we used one and a half Serengeti whole hides in gold used 1/4\" grommets to reinforce the holes foam for the cushions was from: ordered the following: Cushion, Lux Foam - High Quality WITH DACRON WRAP Dimensions: 3\" x 24\" x 66\" and Dimensions: 3\" x 18\" x 66\" I made this couch out of 4x8s, 2x8s, and some outdoor sofa cushions that I bought from IKEA. Q: What stages are involved in making sofas? The body work stage is where webbing or springs would be applied, as well as the foam. To make a slipcover for a leather couch was a little tricky because the fabric would move around more as I was trying to pin things together. Look at those nasty cushions, I do not miss them. I learnt a lot and I’m very thankful for my time there, it was like a furniture University for me. To complete the pictures, you can make a pallet coffee table to match the sofa.

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