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DS Reinhart discovers she is pregnant. Was my choice the right choice? As you recall, early in Prey, you are contacted by an Operator named December, who insists that January is up to no good and that the real Morgan Yu created December as a fail-safe in case things went wrong. Press J to jump to the feed. Fabricate the prototype Nullwave device and then bring it to Psychotronics. Watch Gallery. They will then recap the various choices you made throughout the game – whether or not you saved Dr Igwe, helped out people in the cargo bay, got Mikhaila’s medicine or helped out Danielle. If you decide to kill January, but still blow up the ship, you have two options for escape. If you didn’t save Dahl, but still want to escape, you will have to do so via Alex’s escape pod. If you don't want to miss the most empathetic conclusion, check out everything you'll need to complete (and what to avoid) with the 'I And Thou' ending guide. Or, rather, a save-the-research versus blow-it-all-up ending. To get the first ending in Prey, A Mind Without Limits, you must complete two tasks toward the very end of the game. Whack her once with a wrench, search her corpse for loot, and then activate the Nullwave Device. A Guide to Prey’s Many Endings and How to Unlock Them. r/prey: This subreddit is dedicated to the video game Prey, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. Farrow discovers that his two biggest allies are both corrupt, and when Lomax turns up dead, he has no choice but to confront the one person who can corroborate his version of events. Prey is one of the most unique first-person shooters of recent years and featured a twisty story that was full of surprises - here's how to see all the Prey endings. :). Prey Ending #2 - Perdition In Prey's Perdition ending, you can choose to go down with the ship, or leave alongside those you saved. It’s always the same, no matter what ending you chose or other choices you made throughout the game. January will not let you escape the ship after initiating the destruction sequence. Prey is a television crime thriller first broadcast on ITV, 28 April 2014 at 9pm. Anyone you didn’t save will not be aboard the ship. Get inside, hit the close button behind you, then click “initialize launch” on the computer screen inside and then press OK. Ending explanation: Ending the game this way will play a brief audio file from Alex lamenting how you are “giving up,” and then go into a strange ending screen where you hear a voice saying “this isn’t the one. Reinhart finally catches up with Murdoch, but he once again makes good his escape. Farrow tries to get one of his colleagues on side, but a chance meeting between the pair is interrupted by Reinhart's arrival. Because of these choices and others, the game can end in several different ways. His life becomes very complicated when, on a routine visit to a Manchester hospital with female prisoner Jules Hope, events spiral out of control. If you still want to destroy Talos I at this point. I was like "wait, i didn't build shit, why can i blow it up? [11], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Gripping drama Prey to return to ITV starring Philip Glenister and Rosie Cavaliero", "Prey renewed for second series by ITV, Philip Glenister to star", "Philip Glenister to star in new series of Prey", "Emmerdale's Sammy Winward has been cast in series two of ITV's Prey", "BAFTA Television Awards 2015: This year's nominees in full",, Articles needing additional references from April 2014, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. It … ], Abandon Ship – Leave Early Via The Escape Pod. This far, no further! While there are many smaller variations in each ending (particularly in regards to the game’s epilogue), the game ends in three main ways. If you want to escape with the others, you’ll have to go to the Shuttle Bay and escape with Dahl (assuming you incapacitated Dahl and worked with Dr. Igwe to trick him into launching an escape mission). Ending explanation: After either launching the escape pod or taking the seat next to Dahl, a cutscene will play showing your ship barely making it beyond the explosion, which evaporates all the Typhon and Talos I itself, before rolling the credits. Prey is a game about choices. I still got the "Shake my hand if we're friends" ending, and all the operator versions of the characters agreed that I should be allowed to live. After getting his keycard, head back his office in the Arboretum. The series was also nominated for a 2015 BAFTA Television Award in the category "Mini Series". Did you make the right choice? Prey is a game about choices. reach the earth? You do this by completing the “Who is December?” mission, which grants you the achievement Abandon Ship. This page was last edited on 5 July 2020, at 00:42. Ohh now it makes sense (nullwave part). The story stars Philip Glenister as Prison Officer David Murdoch. ITV first announced the new commission on their official Twitter account on 23 August 2013. There’s not necessarily a “good ending” or a “bad ending,” as no choice you can make will change the end result. Does it change anything if you let the send out ship/container(?) Marcus Farrow's life is turned upside down after his wife and son are murdered by a career criminal, Lomax, who is involved in the execution of a Turkish crime boss. Also, in the early ending alex says (after the weird disconnect / error screens) something like "he isn't the one, end it", at the blow up & escape ending morgan says "i keep having these dreams". This is perhaps the earliest way to end the game. ITV first announced the new commission on their official Twitter account on 23 August 2013. There is no need to do this, as it is a red herring. Or will he just be missing on the bridge?). You will either need to hack into his computer to extend the rooftop bridge (it requires Hacking IV) or use your GLOO Cannon to climb to the railings above and carefully walk over. As I alluded to in my review, this ending, which is the same no matter what happens, undermines all the choices you made throughout the game. In fact, it makes you wonder if even asking those questions was relevant at all. I blew up that ship and still got the trophy for not killing any humans. December informs you of an escape pod above Alex Yu’s office, and sends you on a complex path to getting it. If you made more empathetic choices, they will opt to let you live, and you can choose to either help Alex or kill all four of them. Ending explanation: Once you activate the device, a cutscene plays showing that the Nullwave Device was successful and that every Typhon aboard Talos I died, including the Alpha Typhon that attacked in the last act.

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