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You can harvest mustard leaves when they are small; you do not need to grow the plant to maturity to harvest the leaves. You can eat the flower buds and flowers, then chop the plants into your compost. Thanks! would the results of the mustard plant be effective? thanks for any help you can offer! These 1 to 2-millimeter seeds can be found in several colors, depending on the plant. Its most well-known use is in the preparation of mustard, when the seed is ground and mixed with water or vinegar to create a paste. Mustard greens grow quickly and can be ready to harvest in as few as 40 days. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The World’s Largest Oil Reserves By Country, Top Cotton Producing Countries In The World. The earliest mention of the mustard seed dates back to a 5th century BC story from India about Gautama Buddha. I thin plants being grown for greens to a hand’s distance apart, and use the young greens pulled while thinning in stir-fries if they pass my taste test. In total, mustard plants take approximately 3 months to produce seeds. Black mustard seeds (similar to brown ones) are popular in India and often can be found where fine spices are sold. One cup of mustard greens boasts 500% of your daily value of vitamin K — which supports cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation — as well as high doses of vitamins A, C, and E, fiber, manganese, and more. In fact, under the right conditions, it may sprout in just one or two days. In total, mustard plants take approximately 3 months to produce seeds. If you've seen any pests or beneficial insects in your garden in the past few days please report them to The Big Bug Hunt and help create a warning system to alert you when bugs are heading your way. The plants themselves are about 10 inches high and they are beginning to have small yellow flowers at their tops. Greenhouse Gardening: How to Extend Your Growing Season, 7 Reasons You Should Be Eating with the Seasons (More), add a bit of visual appeal to your garden, How to Grow Strong, Healthy Seedlings in 7 Steps », including into the Micro Greens Extension Kit, The Tower Garden FLEX Vertical Garden | Tower Garden, Tower Garden HOME Indoor Gardening | Tower Garden, Tower Garden HOME Indoor Gardening (No Lights) | Tower Garden, With a sharp knife or scissors, cut the bottommost, older leaves, Take care to not damage the inner leaf tips, Allow at least 2/3 of the foliage to remain, Frequently return to harvest more and encourage new growth. Technically, many popular Asian greens including mizuna and tatsoi are mustards, but varieties with broader leaves are synonymous with garden mustard. Fortunately, mustard plants are very willing to regrow should you opt to lop off and compost huge handfuls of summer-grown mustard greens. Once they're ready, you can harvest the leaves and, if you wish, let the plants seed to harvest mustard seeds as well. Which variety would be best for my purpose? Harvesting Mustard Greens and Seeds. A few weeks ago, one of the last things I did before leaving on vacation was to sow mustard in the beds where I had just harvested spring carrots and early potatoes. Once they do, you can either rub them between your palms or shake them inside a paper bag to release the seeds. After a couple times of doing that, you might find yourself munching on raw leaves before those greens even make it out of your garden. Thanks, If this is the main benefit you want from mustard, simply grow your mustard as a cover crop. This number represents approximately 28% of the world mustard seed supply. These plants include black mustard, brown Indian mustard, and white mustard. Before this happens, I chop down the old plants and mix the chopped roots and greens into the soil, because rotting mustard tissues suppress nematodes and several common soil diseases. But if you wait two weeks after turning under chopped mustard and then plant lettuce, you can expect a very productive crop with very few weeds. Mustard greens at maturity will be about 18 inches tall and about 12 inches wide. Mustard seeds require a cold climate and moist soil to germinate, which takes between 3 and 10 days. Conversely, planting around this time of year (i.e., late summer, leading into fall) is often better for the production of greens. You can transplant mustard anywhere in your Tower Garden, including into the Micro Greens Extension Kit if you’d like to grow it as a colorful, zippy garnish. Want to leave a comment? Within two weeks the planted area will be transformed into a sea of green, with very few weeds. So where is mustard seed produced? Make sure to water, weed, and protect your plants from plant-munching bugs. To grow mustard greens, purchase seeds and plant them in enriched soil, then uproot and replant the seedlings that emerge. ", "Thank you, Barbara. Adventuresome garden cooks who want to experience natural spices at their best may want to grow mustard seeds, which have endless uses in the kitchen. But the crop is useful for more than just its seeds. It's the "mustard gas" released from the freshly chopped mustard foliage that has fungicidal properties, thus reducing soil-borne fungal diseases. This idea was made more common in a famous line from the Macbeth play, written by Shakespeare. ", "Eva, You can make a spicy Dijon type mustard from brown mustard seeds produced by regular garden mustard, but milder-flavored “white” mustard seeds come from a different plant, Sinapis alba. This indicates that the vast majority of the mustard seed cultivated here remains in the country. Though most Asian greens, such as bok choy and mizuna, are technically mustards, the species that actually carry the name “mustard” include: You can’t go wrong with any of the options above. I want to enjoy the "greens" in my salads, so I don't want to use the plants as a green manure crop just yet.

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