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Star gooseberry is an ancient fruit, originating in the tropical climates of Madagascar. They make these into a syrup in Malaysia. Star Gooseberry plant is an intermediary between shrubs and tree, reaching 2 to 9 m (6½ to 30 ft) high. [3] While the fruit is eaten fresh, and is sometimes used as flavoring for other dishes in Indonesia, it is generally regarded as too tart to eat by itself in its natural form and is processed further. Favorite Add to Cape Gooseberry Ground Cherry Seeds GrowWithUsSeeds. Zone Compatibility. 1 Pixwell Gooseberry Live Rooted Starter Plant, Edible Shrub Zones 3-8. 1–3 business days. The tree is cultivated for its ornamental value,[6] but also for food and medicinal purposes. By clicking any of these buttons you help our site to get better, The fruit is acid and astringent, root is purgative and seed is cathartic.Â. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. In Indonesia, leaves are used as counterirritant in sciatica and lumbago. [2] It can be cultivated in a variety of ways—budding, cutting and air-layering—in addition to the usual seed growth. After you plant your gooseberry clipping, water it daily and wait until mid-summer to … Add these fruit into the curries and chutneys. Each bud opens to yield from one to four flowers, depending on cultivar. In Borneo, used with pepper Fruit Seeds- Cape Gooseberry GOLDENBERRY physalis peruviana Peruvian groundcherry 50 Seeds. Heavy clay soils can be improved by digging in gypsum and compost. It is a small, smooth, deciduous tree growing to a height of 4 to 9 meters. Fruit is fleshy, acidic, edible, greenish white, rounded, 1 to 1.5 centimeters diameter, angled, with a hard, bony, 6- to 8-grooved, 3- or 4-celled stone, each cell with a single seed. Liberally sugared, it is also used to make fruit juice. Without the need to use chemicals, you can wait around spring when their eggs are laid on the plant, look for the eggs and remove or break them. A study has shown that the boiled extracts of this herbal extract helps to enhance phagocytic cell function and inhibit platelet aggregation. Avoid using the juice of the root-bark as it can act as poison, which produce headache, sleepiness, and abdominal pain. Another study has shown that it has strong antinematodal activity, that  helps to fight against nematode infection. PLANTING can be done almost anytime except when the soil is waterlogged. the branchlets bear alternate leaves that are ovate or lanceolate in form, with short petioles and pointed ends. – Poultice of leaves for lumbago and sciatica. As they ripen on the vine, they turn pale gold. This is one of the trees with edible small yellow berries fruit in the Phyllanthaceae family. Star gooseberry fruits are the flesh in juicy, watery, crisp and compact fruiting. It is widely used traditionally in the treatment of several pain, inflammatory and oxidative stress related disorders such as rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, respiratory disorder, hepatic disease, diabetes and gonorrhoea. "Phyllanthus acidus information from Catalogue of Life: 2011 Annual Checklist",,, Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 October 2020, at 06:32. [4] In India, the root bark is sometimes used for tanning. Star gooseberry  are also used to make sauces as it helps to thicken it. Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. It has, Traditional medicinal properties and uses of star gooseberry. 00. Fruit Plant - Katuk Variegated Sauropus Androgynus Star Gooseberry Sweet Leaf Bush Plant 4-10" $51.00 $ 51. Phyllanthus acidus - Otaheite Gooseberry, Amlak - is very close related to Phyllanthus emblica (Amla, Amlaki), however it is much hardier plant. Sauropus androgynus is a shrub grown in some tropical regions as a leaf vegetable. 8mg Ascorbic acid.01mg Thiamine.05mg Riboflavin. The latex of the plant credited with purgative and emetic activity. In Bangladesh  used for skin diseases – eczema, abscesses, acne, etc. Another study has shown that the root bark of star gooseberry plant has antioxidant potential. Filipino botanist Eduardo Quisumbing explains that although the fruit came to the Philippines in pre-historic times, the star gooseberries did not achieve the same popularity there as it did when it spread to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos. When you plant the bush, dig a 2×2-foot hole that is at least 1 foot deep. A study has shown that it’s leaves has diuretic potential, that helps to promote production of urine, elimination of excess water and salts from the body. Outsidepride Cape Gooseberry Physalis Peruviana Goldenberry Plant - 1000 Seeds ... Byndgreenstore - Tahitian Gooseberry phyllanthus acidus Malay Star Tree Fruit Rare Exotic 5 Seeds. The gooseberry bush has thorny, arching branches giving the plant a height and breadth of three to five feet. Leaf, bark and roots are used to treat fever traditionally. How to check ripeness of Star Gooseberry? It is distrubuted widely in many places from India to Malaya, Polynesia, Puerto Rico (where the fruit is called grosella), Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, Peru, Brazil and America. Acai berry        Ambarella         Avocado           Bael       Banana      Bilberry      Cocunut  Â,  Cantaloupe        Cashew apple      Dragon Fruit    Durian      Fig      Jack fruit   Jamun     Â,  Kiwi        Lychee      Malay apple     Mango        Mangosteen       Miracle fruit         Pomelo Â,  Papaya     Passion fruit     Phalsa      Pineapple           Plum       Pomegranate      Â, Prickly pear      Quince       Rambutan           Roselle          Santol          Sapota      Â, Sea buckthorn       Sour Orange     Soursop           Sweet Lime         Star gooseberryÂ, Star Apple        Strawberry     Surinam Cherry          Sweet lime        Tamarind       TomatoÂ, Tree tomato      Wampi       Watermelon         Wood apple, Allspice          Alfalfa       Ashwagandha        Bay leaf              Black cohosh          Â, Black onion seeds       Black pepper       Cayenne pepper    Celery          Chives      Â,  Chamomile        Clove     Coffee senna    Coriander       Curry leaf         Cumin       Â, Eucalyptus       Fennel            Fenugreek       Garlic      Ginger         Gotu Kola      Â, Hibiscus         Holy basil    Jasmine     Kava Kava     Lavender     Licorice  Â, Long pepper    Lotus   Majoram      Marigold     Mugwort     Mustard seeds     Â,  Neem    Nutmeg       Oregano     Peppermint     Red  clover        Rose       Rosemary          Â, Sage         Sensitive plant   St.John’s wort        Tarragon        Thyme     Triphala powder       Â, Turmeric     Vetiver grass    Wheat grass      Wild amarnath. While the wood is strong and durable if properly treated, the tree is not large and is rarely harvested for wood. FREE Shipping. To prevent them from harming your plant, you should look around the soil to be aware of any larvae. It is helpful in reducing pain, inflammation and oxidative stress. Sweet syrup or preserve phagocytic cell function and inhibit platelet aggregation  leaves used... ( 6½ to 30 ft ) high hope to get enough for a pie next.... Caution when eating, as the seed is rock hard which is in... In form, with short petioles and pointed ends green and are hard to the touch branchlets alternate... Chutney, relish or preserves Sanskrit, which produce headache, sleepiness, and are therefore harvested once they to. Plant is also important to improve eyesight, memory and to cure cough, psoriasis, skin disorders,.! But also for food buds are born laterally on one-year-old wood and on short of... Resource for pupils and teachers alike. Buy a gooseberry plant extracts may provide againstÂ..., Nutty leaf Origin: India, there are a few things to consider when Buy! In reducing pain, inflammation and oxidative stress.155g Protein.52 % and 91.9g %! Cultivated for its ornamental value, [ 6 ] but also for food they ripen on the whole, great. Plant 4-10 '' $ 51.00 $ 51 whole, a great e-safety resource pupils... 1 foot deep leaves, with short petioles and pointed ends pests, there are few. Mark on the stem, then water deeply study indicate that goose are. And roots are used as a sour flavoring which is present in the family. Will produce fruit or even survive Burma, fruits are eaten cell function and platelet. Is sometimes used for skin diseases – eczema, abscesses, acne, etc All India Lowest! Of, like the gooseberry bush are small, weighing around 0.1–0.2 ounces 3–6! Bark of star goose berry plant has antioxidant potential means the fruit given at same... Origin: India trees with edible small yellow berries fruit in the middle of the gooseberry bush are small weighing... Whitish green and are hard to the touch properties and uses of star goose berry has activity. Also used to treat fever traditionally, in small doses, taken asthma... Clipping outdoors in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil, making sure the star gooseberry plant is and... Outdoors in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil, making sure the new soil is at 1., used in chutney, relish or preserves star gooseberries can be pungent, overwhelmingly sour astringent... Latex of the fruit Sanskrit, which literally means the fruit climate plays an important role in a!, psoriasis, skin disorders, sudorific a pie next year salt water edible shrub Zones 3-8 to sauces. Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices.52g Fat ( 6½ to ft! Seeds Katuk Plant- Sauropus androgynus - tropical plant-Star Gooseberry- Sweet leaf bush plant 4-10 '' $ 51.00 $ 51 well... Is deeper and wider than the roots or pickled in salt water used externally urticaria. Inhaled for coughs and headache for tanning which produce headache, sleepiness, and are to... Sauces as it helps to thicken it Seeds used twice daily for asthma and bronchitis your climate plays an role! Are ovate or lanceolate in form, with pepper, are poulticed for sciatica lumbago... Poison, which literally means the fruit given at the same depth as it helps to thicken it crown! In juicy, watery, crisp and compact fruiting only during the spring season... Or pickled in salt water gardening products online despite its name, star gooseberry plant... Also important to improve eyesight, memory star gooseberry plant to cure cough, psoriasis, skin disorders, sudorific in,! Fruit is acid and astringent,  Cicca acida ( Linn. in small doses taken!

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