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The room where we were offered to sit, houses pictures of his parents and his present wife Manyata with kids and a painting of his. Sanjay Dutt, a first class passenger, was the first to disembark out of the aircraft door. He fell sobbing at my feet and said, Sir, I have destroyed them.’ Then he catalogued in detail how, after the news report had appeared in The Daily, he had tasked his friends to go to his house, take out the weapons and destroy them. 'Sanjay Dutt How is he involved' I couldn’t believe what I had heard. He tilted backwards, his legs going up in mid-air and I swiftly held him by his mane of long, goldtinted hair. I understand that the data I am submitting will be used to provide me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith. When Baba Chauhan was questioned, he stated that he was a peripheral participant, but Hanif and Sameer know more about it. From rise to roadblock to recovery, each of these stories holds inspiration to many of us. I must tell the truth. Though he is much mellowed down today, his hand seemed shaking while he struck a pose for Dabbu Ratnani for our photoshoot. 'Sir, maine kuchch nahi kiya!' Samir had merely piloted it to Sanjay Dutt’s bungalow where the weapons were offloaded. He came with a huge commercial hit, Naam, after being written off by the critics. Speaking about what kept him going all these year, he credits his father and Manyata for their immense support. Saluting that spirit of ‘rising out of the ashes like a phoenix’, Entrepreneur focuses on such people and their secrets on making through it all. “I can’t be stopped I keep on rising The greater my struggle I just keep dancing I won’t stay down Don’t think it’s over After every attempt I bounce back.”, (This article was first published in the September 2017 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. I walked Sanjay Dutt down the steps, from the aerobridge ladder near the aircraft door, on to the tarmac. As he did, I put my hand round his shoulder and drew him aside. “Success is how high you bounce after you hit bottom” --General George Patton. Nobody can pull you out of a storm; you have to create your own history. Sanjay’s family was there accompanied by their film fraternity, as were hundreds of political supporters of Sunil Dutt all set to show solidarity, and of course, the media. The setback didn’t set him back, as he seemed humble and mellow. Friends like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Sachiin Joshi (producer) with wife Urvashi Sharma (Model and Actress) flock the house. I sat in my car, next to the driver and Sanjay Dutt was made to sit behind between two constables. Life seems back to normal at the Dutt dome. But will we? People around him have stood by him to bring him back to the place where his passion lies – cinema. Sanjay Dutt got nothing short of a hero’s welcome on Thursday afternoon when precisely at 1.30 pm he reached his home in Pali Hill, Mumbai . The actor, now shooting in South Africa for Chatur Singh Two Star, did not host any birthday celebration but news has it that his wife, Manyata, bought him a bungalow as a birthday gift. 'Come and show me where they are.'. Such has been the path for our heroes. And a new angle emerged. And what was the destination of the weapons from there They said they did not know. As per the diabolical design, well before noon, the harbingers of death’ began driving out of the Al Husseini building, one by one, on journeys of annihilation and destruction. Though nobody shies away from talking about the past, but everyone seems to have moved on. (You don’t catch the high and mighty, do you) they taunted me. The papparazi had gathered to click pictures of Sanjay Dutt – the star. Super stardom at such a young age became difficult to be handled and he got into drugs. 6] Prem Chopra’s Address. This time I was seething with anger and furious with her lies and the theatrics she had enacted to mislead me. Samir had merely piloted it to Sanjay Dutt’s bungalow where the weapons were offloaded.

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