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[61] Spirited Away sold 5.5 million home video units in Japan by 2007,[62] and currently holds the record for most home video copies sold of all-time in the country. [25], The film score of Spirited Away was composed and conducted by Miyazaki's regular collaborator Joe Hisaishi, and performed by the New Japan Philharmonic. Kamaji asks Lin, a bathhouse worker, to send Chihiro to Yubaba, the witch who runs the bathhouse. The film is centered around Chihiro, a ten-year old girl who loses her parents and accidentally enters a world of mythical creatures. Yubaba takes away the second kanji of her name, Chihiro (千尋), renaming her Sen (千). Some of the Chinese characters are just a little off, enough to make you think. The more she sees of this amusement park, the more frightened she becomes. The syllabary systems, hiragana and katakana, originated from Chinese characters, but are used to represent syllables. I’ve read one theory that put together into “yume” it means “dream.” I’d enjoy hearing other people’s thoughts, theories and feelings about “Spirited Away.”. Most obviously is the one syllabary and one Chinese character that are written backwards when we look above at the arch. When production started, Miyazaki realized it would be more than three hours long if he made it according to his plot. [45] Many of the employees are rude to Chihiro because she is human, and corruption is ever-present;[41] it is a place of excess and greed, as depicted in the initial appearance of No-Face. Chihiro returns through the tunnel with her parents, who do not remember anything after eating at the restaurant stall. ・千(Sen)・・・This is another name of "Chihiro". With Haku unconscious, Sen resolves to return the seal and apologize to Zeniba. The characters are 飢と食と会 which seem to substitute for 飢える (ueru, to starve), 食べる(taberu, to eat)  and 会う(au, to meet). "Regaining Continuity with the Past: Spirited Away and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. No-Face decides to remain with Zeniba. She becomes Cassandra, a prophet whose warnings go unheeded. Because of humans' need for development, they destroyed a part of nature, causing Haku to lose his home and identity. When her father, Akio, takes the rural street that leads them to what looks like an old unused amusement park, Chihiro picks up cues that her parents do not. Suddenly, I was struck by the visual cues Hayao Miyazaki presents in the beginning of the film that set up the character of Chihiro before she becomes Sen. The character usually used for dog is 犬. Tengu, however, or heavenly dog, a legendary creature or supernatural being (yookai) that can be either harbingers of war or protective spirits of the mountains and forests. [47], Spirited Away was released theatrically in Japan on July 20, 2001 by distributor Toho, grossing ¥30.4 billion to become the highest-grossing film in Japanese history, according to the Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan. [51] Outside of Japan and the United States, the movie was moderately successful in both South Korea and France where it grossed $11 million and $6 million, respectively. The mother says that all the places are restaurants. The character 冢 (tsuka) means hill or mound. [10], Originally released in Japan on 20 July 2001 by distributor Toho, the film received universal acclaim,[11] grossing over $352 million worldwide, and is frequently ranked among both the greatest animated films ever made and the greatest films of the 21st century. [72] On November 12, 2019, GKIDS and Shout! He often visited the museum for inspiration while working on the film. [59], Spirited Away was first released on VHS and DVD formats in Japan by Buena Vista Home Entertainment on 19 July 2002. With the use of more computers and programs such as Softimage 3D, the staff learned the software, but used the technology carefully so that it enhanced the story, instead of 'stealing the show'. [7] After her parents are turned into pigs by the witch Yubaba (Natsuki), Chihiro takes a job working in Yubaba's bathhouse to find a way to free herself and her parents and return to the human world. Something about them makes her anxious. [55] It topped the Chinese box office with a $28.8 million opening weekend, beating Toy Story 4 in China. Her short fiction has been published in the Asian American Literary Review. Sen is treated poorly by the other bathhouse workers; only Kamaji and Lin show sympathy for her. However, to truly understand the nature of being Spirited Away, the word Kamikakushi (神隠し) must be broken down: 1. Chihiro briefly leaves her parents and above her head flashes a sign that reminds us both of family, pigs and death. [52] In Argentina, it is in the top 10 anime films with the most tickets sold. [2] The biggest difficulty in making the film was to reduce its length. Eventually, Chihiro remembers that he used to be the spirit of the Kohaku River, which was destroyed and replaced with apartments. So perhaps we can translate the title as "Sen and the Mysterious Disappearance of Chihiro.". In July 2012, Roger wrote about viewing “Spirited Away” for a third time and how he was then “struck by a quality between generosity and love.” It was during that viewing he “began to focus on the elements in the picture that didn’t need to be there.” Recently, I was re-reading that essay as I was watching the Blu-ray of "Spirited Away" three times (Japanese, English dub and back to Japanese) back-to-back-to-back. 'Spirited Away' shows how these differing forces do co-exist and that a soul's journey involves interactions with both.

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