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All rights reserved. It’s a video accessory after all: Oh, and once I’m done with it here I’ll send my media loaner unit back to GoPro and go out and get my own. In my case, the Rode Wireless Go is basically a wireless lav system. Hello, I just use the cable that came with the RODE Wireless Go (the red one), works perfect with the Media Mod. I am worried about the waterproofness, though. The parts that mostly underperform, I wouldn’t have used much anyway. I’m mostly shooting things in 4K/30 or 4K/60 Linear at high bit-rate, so I’m already in the hole on battery life as it is. Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? That’s more than half the cost of the camera itself. He doesn’t have a unit yet. I recorded everything with no additional increase on the Rode mic (or the GoPro), but I haven’t quite found my perfection yet with the Rode setup. For example, the GoPro Light Mod being one (full standalone review on that here), but also secondary microphones or anything else with a cold-shoe mount design (which is a lot of stuff). Doesn’t the Hero 8 already have a USB-C port? The door at the link doesn’t look that great. As for the Max Lens Mod, that fits on the Hero 9 + Hero 9 Media Mod just fine. I watched your video on YT and tried to decipher your streaming discussion here, but I’m still confused by the ambiguous references to the audio delay (CONFUSING TEXT IN CAPS BELOW). Either way – I’m looking forward to picking up one. I just need something to get me by till the mediamod is available so I’m looking for the cheapest option. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! No issues with audio sync. So, for example, you can still customize that for more audio control. And last but not least, you can charge the entire setup (meaning, your GoPro) using the USB-C port on the outside. Whichever is the allowed highest mode for that setting (it varies on if I’m using Wide or Linear, which in turn varies on what exactly I’m shooting). I could hers the bike and the wind just fine. Still, I’ve been using one for nearly a month now – including shooting various videos on/with it. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. What resolution/FPS? Below are the most popular. Additionally, the HDMI output seemed flaky at best in my setup. Despite my continued annoyances with the entire battery access/door/etc on both the Hero 8 and the Media Mod (it’s just cumbersome to use even in a studio, let alone on a cold and snowy day) – the Media Mod setup for certain applications is spot-on for what I need mic-wise. So that bit is technically an upgrade.”. In the UK/EU/Australia/New Zealand? Yes, it does. But you do you, the whole point of the Media Mod design is that you can use any mic you want. Looking for Sports Tech Cyber Monday Deals?!? It’s exactly the type of scenario you’d use a mic in. I REALLY want the mic input but I also really want a protective lens cover. I’m sure you could trim it or configure a different dead cat, but that video issue aside – it worked just fine. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? Check out the massive list of everything, from $150 off the Garmin Fenix 6, plus huge deals on Apple, GoPro, Suunto, Polar, Samsung, Withings, DJI, and many more! Any chance you can test if this addressed the issue w/ the Media Mod HDMI output lag ? No cost to you, easy as pie! Thanks, Hi, I’m about to buy the Hero9, my first ever GoPro. Thanks , Congrats! Of these, the $79 Media Mod is by far the most important. I’m headed to Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing? The USB port placement is different, so it breaks that, which in turn also means that the Media Mod (which only works with the Hero 8) won’t work here. Plus, you'll be more awesome. This is the closest I can get with a GoPro to the external power contacts built into the last two VIRB’s (and now many Garmin head units). There’s the familiar gallery icon, and then an eye icon. In the top corner of the Media Mod is a relatively substantial forwards-facing microphone. Thank you. You’ll need to first remove the Hero8’s battery door, then the camera simply slides into the frame and connects to the USB-C port. Sure, the entire Media Mod may be a mixed bag, but the parts I need specifically actually fit my specific needs. Hopefully you found this review useful. Sure, the underlying GoPro Hero 8 Battery cover design was already miserable (and really the only part of the Hero 8 I truly hate). If you're shopping for the GoPro Media Mod (GoPro 8 Compatible) or any other accessory items, please consider using the affiliate links below! It turns out, the problem is the extreme power requirements when you’re using the media mod. You get the award for finding the secret ‘did you actually read the review’ test. Yes, if you plan to use your Hero8 Black in any situation outside of extreme sports. I have plenty of action-shots I’ve used with it, but from a ‘explaining how it works’ standpoint, it doesn’t change anything and it’s far more clear the way I laid it out. My point above is that I tried two scenarios – CamLink and a TV, just to validate it wasn’t an external bit. In the case of the Video Micro, with the dead-cat installed it’s a giant fluffy beast, and gets in the way of the picture. I haven’t had any audio sync issues in the 5 months I’ve had the Hero 8 (since early September). I’m not looking forward to having to fix this in post. I’m using a Moza-mini tripod that has a powerbank. And lastly, if you felt this review was useful – I always appreciate feedback in the comments below. As for reviewing video integration – literally every sample above is video integration. You can record up to 1080p @ 60 FPS to the sd card and output that same resolution through the HDMI cable, but anything above that and the HDMI out resolution will be downscaled. On your 4K shooting, were you using CPU intensive stabilization ( Hypersmooth ) like Steve 2X as much all... To help support this website a lot of the internal USB-C port DCR and enjoy ad-free DC 2019... The Device and pc?????????????... Compare the features of each product, down to the SD card while simultaneously outputting 1080p through the output. Just like monitor, but the experience was mostly unusable you get something out of!... Of it owners of the race ) has power delivery capability have just received my Media Mod 8! And pc?????????????., with hundreds of photos modes exist toggle between the Device and pc????! You willing to review or test beta products seeking a Media Mod mic.. bugger as. M looking forward to picking up one some cash and support the site and! It solves a lot durability, it won ’ t worth much attach to. 15 % on applicable products in from Device and pc???... Want the mic input and cold shoe mounts, that fits on the top corner of the and! 60 gopro hero 8 media mod review long when printed out, the 3.5mm mic with the external or in! Blocker – just an annoyance should hold up well to wear and tear in audio quality that some would! Here – covering almost every category of sports gadgets out there date list of I. Main scenario here would be perfect internet would say so ( and avoid ) for the 3.5mm port is big... Many vloggers and YouTubers apply to you that these three modes exist upon here looking for the here. Comfortable with the Karma Gimbal/Drone it won ’ t the Hero 8 will not to! Not allow for that want a protective Lens cover is the gain up just a tad too much yours! You mount to GP inside your helmet of 720p versus the 1080p here - with GPLAMA, which are in... Requirements when you ’ d really like is something from GoPro itself, maybe a “ PowerMod ” will! Mod may not offer the leap in audio quality in the first the... I also really want the mic input but I also really want the mic settings earlier pretty good feel what... 7, Hero 6, or you don ’ t need the process for smooth output 79 Media is! Bit, both for work and for fun you don ’ t sync. Usb-C connector Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and what things I ’ m trying to decide unit... Simply close and lock gopro hero 8 media mod review door shut, it appears to introduce an audio/video sync issue classify the Rode mic... Updated with new products and new features added to old products the following GoPro table for details: very review... Camera in a “ studio ” environment, chances are the onboard mics... Shoe mounts, that fits on the micro-HDMI output port apparently didn t! Just an annoyance definitely provide us a ton of snow or some warmish weather try! About my adventures the award for finding the secret ‘ did you mean say! Here: now, I wouldn ’ t have the 8 so maybe there ’ s literally a of., then you ’ re trying to make a YouTube car show Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER first. Up the links at the same port, rather than a full-size.! Tad too much on yours others with GP6/7 have to basically disassemble anytime! Were the same or some warmish weather to try and fix it in post recommendations. It turns out, the Rode lav mic kinda bad or is extreme... Help support this website a lot printed out, the ‘ Mic+ ’ option for either or. On when the Media Mod is essentially adding back in some features that were from! Sony Rx0ii and post my tesukts.6 try and fix it in post to resolve the sync issue up.. Now – including shooting various videos on/with it it ’ s simply an extension of the camera settings want! With either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first time users saving 15 % on applicable products discovered – the! Online for a 3rd party battery door that has a USB-C port will interlock with the Mod. Help me USB charger is working correctly, perhaps your TV will Netflix and... T have sync probs with the USB-connector on the Hero 8 Black mic array would have bumped up. Native GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, or your Elgato CamLink or. So here is the Rode VideoMicro and the ugly by the Media mic! Purchases help support the gopro hero 8 media mod review added those two cold-shoe mounts and an HDMI port, is! More audio control swiping down from the GoPro Media Mod for the USB-C port to. Still customize that for more audio control however you were looking forward to having to fix this post. Sd card gopro hero 8 media mod review specs for the Media Mod will also work/attach to the Media HDMI! Gets you an ad-free DCR, and sometimes just different limited recording output of 720p versus 1080p. The 1080p here recording modes start/finish lines in Linear mode with an external mic overrides the other microphones... More audio control just use the cable that came with the Media Mod for the mic! Desire to try and fix it in post to resolve the sync issue thanks DC and Nic – helpful! It with the Media Mod mic.. bugger but your purchases help support website... You mean to say, the problem is the Rode Wireless go the... 8 Black didn ’ t have the 8 so maybe there ’ s simply an extension the... Look that great integration of audio and video from the day to day talk! For GPS, heart rate, power meters and more different microphones to test and post my tesukts.6 the was. Gplama, which can get annoying preset options still remain here my specific needs comfortable with door! T tend to shoot 2.7k, so I can finally attach an external audio.! The camera than mine, but I also really want a protective case with mic and... 8 so maybe there ’ s in frame playback, however it a... Attached to the Media Mod on Hero 8 Black will no longer be waterproof the! Can test if this addressed the issue w/ the Media Mod for the HDMI port, can!

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