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SET YOUR MIND ON SUCCESS Do you believe in the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking. Eliminating bad things in your life and filling it up with positive actions, feelings and thoughts are sure to make you feel good. Also, the easier the message is to understand the more it is adopted as truth. The Power Of Repetition Message Reinforcement Through Repeated Exposure Persuasive Messaging. But very few people are able to keep up with the motivation required to continuously repeat positive statements to themselves. You probably heard the saying “a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth” This happens because repetition is the secret to developing a powerful belief. The Relationship Between Your Thoughts, Feelings, And Experiences. Simonsen concludes that giving yourself positive confirmations is synonymous with healthy thoughts and that such thoughts are good thoughts, light thoughts, super thoughts. Your positive (and negative) thoughts, words, and actions will attract that back to you in some form. Setting you player to auto-repeat with allow you you to set and forget that affirmations are being broadcast to you on a regular basis. The Secret to Teen Power explores the Law of Attraction from a teenager’s point of view. Everything is made up of energy. It’s working at all times, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. By having times of silence you are not constantly bombarded with affirmations so that you switch it off because it is annoying. And the more powerful your belief, the more powerful your results… negative or positive. Three of the most important concepts you can review when studying the mechanisms by which the law of attraction operates are the concepts of repetition, magnification, and addition. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. Hearing positive statements broadcast at random times so that they disappear into the background. THE POWER OF REPETITION Repetition is used widely in the media, advertising, politics and where ever people want other people to think the same way as they do – i.e. (Begg et al., 1992). Once you are familiar with every aspect of how this law takes effect in your life, you can then use it in a way that will leave others standing in awe of your abilities. If one begins to doubt the power or even to harbor critical (= negative) thoughts about it, one is assuredly on the road to ruin. REPETITION The number one secret to the law of attraction is REPETITION. Familiarity eases the conscious filters and allows penetration to the subconscious without censor (cognitive fluency). The Law of Attraction simply states “like attracts like”. The Law Of Attraction And The Domino Effect, How To Start Using The Law Of Attraction Today, Are You Allowing Yourself To Be All That You Can Be, You Get What You Want In Proportion To Your Focus, Why You Should Enjoy The Success Of Others. Mind Power Secrets on The Law of Repetition. The reason is because repetition can be really persuasive. However, the subconscious can and will hear them. Slowly but surely the affirmations will sink into the background noise and before you know it you will not hear them anymore. How To Attract More Money Using The Law Of Attraction, How To Make The Law Of Attraction Actually Work, Your Inner Being And The Law Of Attraction, How To Start Using The Law Of Attraction Right Now - No Experience Necessary, Everything Happens As A Result Of Your Asking. They can consciously decide, through the will power, through the imagination, and not only can they decide through the will power, but the The Power of the Law of Repetition – Dr. J B Jonesy can design a new concept of happiness and harmony and peace of mind through the imagination, through a burning desire, and through this great law of repetition, then can give all of their attention to the new … 4 THE SECRET LAW OF ATTRACTION | Master The Power of Intention So, if you’ve recently discovered the Law of Attraction and want to start learning more about how you can use this amazing tool to improve your life, this is the book that can really change things for you. Each of these concepts utilize the law of attraction to create the exponential growth and expansion of the various topics that are seen in your life experiences on a daily basis. All this is good news of course if we are seeking to persuade ourselves of some truth that perhaps we do not fully believe to be true right now. Psychology studies prove it to be one of the most simple but highly effective ways to ingrain information or pass a message. Once you are familiar with every aspect of how this law takes effect in your life, you can then use it in a way that will leave others standing in awe of your abilities. The Power Of Repetition. Implications Of Consistency Of Vibrations Principle, Converting Negative Energy To Positive Energy, Glimpses Of Higher Vibrational Frequencies, Everything Is An Interpretation Of Vibrations, Every Thought Is A Glimpse Of Your Future, Why You Should Believe In The Law Of Attraction. The Power of Repetition, Magnification, Addition, and the Law of Attraction. It may seem too simplistic but by simply repeating a message its persuasive effect is increased dramatically.

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