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The best thing ever. We love the versatility of this recipe. I’ve looked everywhere and it just isn’t something that they produce or carry outside of the states. I’ve been buying the carb valence tortillas and made the mistake of reading the ingredientsno more. After your feedback, I’m thinking about getting one! Mary, Are you having issues with them sticking when you roll them out, or after they bake? In fact, you may be the first. Thank you so much!! Hope this helps! expertise to make your own blog? To remove them, first loosen them gently with a spatula, then lift them off of the pan. Hello, Mozzarella and almond flour, got it. I handle this by lifting off the top piece of parchment, straightening the paper and putting it back down. I Just made them. Drop onto the counter, roll the dough out very thinly, and I use a margarita glass to cut around. Made these with roasted almonds because they were the only kind we had and I figured if they are good with those they will only be better with blanched almonds. I’m adapting all of my American Low carb recipes myself. I’m not sure if they would fall apart or be amazing. We strive to keep the information as accurate as possible. Here, in the States, parchment is usually (if not always) infused with silicone. -Annissa. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll Tonight I made enchiladas with them and they were amazing. Good luck and have fun experimenting! Just made these and eating them now with fajita steaks! These tortillas are so good and have made it easier for us to continue eating in a ketogenic manner. I will try these…I am allergic to eggs,so hopeful, even tho’ I am trying to eat less cheese these days thanks. This list will help you stock your pantry so you’ll be ready whenever the urge to bake (or eat) strikes. Could these be used for lasagna “noodles”? Thanks for sharing! -Annissa. I made these tonight, the only change I made was to add 1 tablespoon flax. -Annissa. I also add cumin and Italian seasoning to mask any coconut flavor. I tried it with several grated cheese types and also different flowers….it always worked! -Annissa. Of course, the carb count will be higher with rice flour. What can I replace the cheese with? These are so good. They don’t get so hard that they aren’t edible, just stiff enough that they aren’t very flexible. This substitution is something one would need to work with to get right. These tortillas would also make a great wrap for this low-carb Bang Bang Shrimp for this tuna egg salad. Wow! I cooked mine on a griddle, about 2-3 minutes per side. How do you get the torts NOT to stick to the paper?? I now have to find my tortilla press. Most of my followers can’t afford to work for free an most of them don’t expect me to either. They were good even with the roasted and darker nature of the almonds. -Annissa. It was just my 1st testing and yes microwaves are a no-no but when a recipe thought pops in my mind I jump too it LOL. You can also use them as a sandwich wrap. I was skeptical, as I always am when it comes to low-carb tortillas, but this recipe is such a game changer to my lifestyle change. It’s the cheap and mostly carby stuff. -Annissa. If you are crunched on time or simply do not have the kitchen skills then Mission brand tortillas are the next best option. yummy! Don’t even need the salt. Cream cheese! I would look for super-fine almond flour. Used shredded monterrey jack cheese instead of mozarella 2. I’ve never tried that, but what a great idea! Elaborate stories and directions totally wasted time. Ahhhh it’s so easy, it’s a little crazy! I have made several types of enchiladas and even lasagna with these tortillas and we are never disappointed. I haven’t tried freezing them, but I think they would hold up just fine. They were the bomb. Quickly mix together all ingredients. Awesome recipe! I had been craving cheese quesadillas lately and was lamenting the fact I don’t have low carb tortillas and viola – here’s your recipe! I had mine stuffed with crack chicken and a slice of bacon and a small salad this evening. Stop your search right here. I can think of so many things you can do with this. I always love to see tweaks people have done to make my recipes even better. I made them 1/2 size and with all the fixins, it was the perfect size. A few people have talked about using a tortilla press to make them. I wonder if you used the wrong cups to ounces conversion. I’m so glad I found this recipe on your Instagram site. The next step is to divide the dough into 4 sections. I can’t wait to try this. I love the idea of freezing them! Just the tortillas. Allow them to cool slightly before gently loosening them with a spatula and removing them from the pan. This recipe does NOT TASTE EGGY and is extremely versatile – you can use it to make burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, taco cups…or simply use it to make Keto wraps for a delicious, quick low carb lunch. Mixture should be watery. I’m always looking for a better way to do things! Sunflower seed flower does taste like sunflower seeds, of course. -Annissa. I put a bit of taco seasoning in my dough before blending it in my short ninja. They would be perfect for the game! I made these for my family (even those that aren’t Keto/Paleo) and everyone loved them. -Annissa. My only concerns would be that this dough may be somewhat stiffer than regular tortilla dough, so it may not get as thin as you like. Will get it right next time. Low Carb Tortillas. Place mozzarella cheese, almond flour and salt in a food processor. Emmentaler, Gouda…even with non-dairy cheese and soy fresh cream cheese…Soy, golden linseed flour…no problem! Sounds like a delicious dinner! Pulse to chop mozzarella and combine all ingredients well. Some of what I have gone through you may resonate with. On a cutting board place 3 low carb tortillas. Terri, I don’t have a microwave, but I don’t know why that wouldn’t work to warm them up. I wanted a tortilla so bad. Will these tortillas work for enchiladas? I can’t do anything with it. I made a silly little video in my kitchen making these tortillas for you to see how easy these can be. This looks awesome! You have done a wonderful job! Also thinking of using this recipe for pizza this super Bowl Sunday. Thanks for posting the recipe. Have you ever tried to fry them later and make chips for dips or will they fall apart? Compared to the store bought versions on the grocery shelf at 6g net carb per serving these low carb tortillas have only 1g net carb each. These are so good and so versatile! They were still great the next day. Melted dough in microwave oven, about 90seconds 3. As they cool, they tear a little easier. Hope you see this since been a while since you posted this recipe. I’ve never tried frying them, so I’m not sure. Its great if you have 4 small non-stick skillets all going at the same time to speed up the process as each tortillas needs about 5-7 minutes in the pan. We're a mother and daughter team commited to making it easier for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. Good day! I used them for tacos and they held up just like the real thing! And if you reduce the almond flour by one table spoon and add one table spoon of wheat gluten ( for those who eat gluten) you get even better results. Do not force the tortilla up from the pan. Then I flip the whole thing and repeat for the other side. It’s on my to-do list! I’m adding these articles here, because they are huge part of my journey. The brand I like is called All Whites and comes in a green carton in the egg section of your market. I have been looking for this tortilla for a long time. Preheat oven to 375º F. Cut 5 pieces of parchment about 14 inches long. This is my first visit to your blog! I’ve never had issues with them sticking after they have baked,but I wonder if there is some variation in parchment paper.

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