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You can also use a salmon knife to fillet a large fish more precisely. Make sure to clean your hands and your working surfaces/areas. Raise the fillet up with your left hand and place the tip of the Most people find this to be the most difficult part but if you understand the anatomy of the fish and you just go slowly when you are first learning you will get the hang of it with practice. With practice this can be done in one or two quick sliding spine with the knife angled down as shown in the picture. fish using one of the 3 filleting styles we teach on this site. For a list of filleting tutorials organised by species check out the Now the fillet can be raised higher ready to place the knife back in for the final cut. Place your left hand on the head of the fish and hold the pectoral fin out of the way. 5 Cutting just beneath the dorsal fin from head to tail to free the second fillet. How to Fillet a Fish This link opens in a new window; This link opens in a new window ... Repeat each step on the other side. Voilà, you’ve filleted the fish. This can also be done with fresh fish at the body of water you caught it at, making it much easier to handle its guts and stomach contents. 1 Making a cut across the fish at an angle, below the gill flap and fin to the belly. Besides, if you don’t let all its blood go out of the body, the flesh won’t taste its best. Step 1: Prep Here's what you'll need: a heavy-bottomed skillet for meat and a nonstick pan for fish. You must keep the knife pressed firmly down onto the bones Cut the fillets off the fish on both sides with a fillet knife (thin blade, razor edge), then discard the remainder of the fish. a video that demonstrates this fish filleting style. 2 Step by Step Guide of Fillet Fish. Step one: Hold the fish down firmly, and cut a slit along the backbone in a … motions but take your time if you are just learning. Yes, but there are better options, as dairy and fish don’t mix well. Grab some tongs or a sturdy spatula. Continue swiping down until you reach the backbone and do this all the way down to the tail. Release a little of one of the fillets from the back bone, the full length of the fish. The filleting process is relatively similar in all species of fish, and is fairly simple to do. on the bones with just enough angle to slide over the bones without cutting into them. Step 3: Pull the Bones Out. Using the tip of a flexible boning knife, follow the spin from the head towards the tail, carefully scraping to the bone so as to not remove any more flesh as is necessary. How to Fillet Step By Step - Page 2. the fillet raised up so you can see what you are doing and get the knife in easily. out on the underside of the fish. The fist step of getting a fillet from a fish is preparation. 5) Turn the fish over and repeat on the other side, again working from head to tail, to remove the second fillet from the fish. After it gets open completely, you have to start cutting the fillet away. Watch out for the fish slipping off of the cutting board, as it may be more slick after the first fillet is cut away. Turn the fish over and repeat this step on the other side. Also, if you plan to eat the fish, make sure it’s between the size of 3 to 5-pound. Be extra careful at this point. Make a cut from behind the head down to the edge of the fish behind the gill and head on both sides. There are 11 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. of the bones and pressing down firmly. Want to know how many kilograms of boneless fillets you will get from a given weight of whole fish? Be sure to wipe down your counter afterwards, as the risk of cross-contamination is high when removing guts. To take the skin off, begin by holding the fillet by the tail, skin side down. Use the tip of the knife to separate the bones from the flesh of the fish. You can fillet a catfish the same way you would fillet any other fish. Be careful – the second fillet may be a little trickier to remove. Kill It Humanely; If you have a live catfish to fillet, the first step is to kill it humanely. This tutorial is continued from page 1.. Grab some tongs or a sturdy spatula. fish filleting videos. Place your left hand on the head of the fish and hold the pectoral fin out of the way. 3. Preheat your pan over medium-high heat. Ask the fishmonger to scale and gut the fish, then use these techniques to fillet any kind of round fish, such as striped bass, shown here. very different techniques for filleting over the ribs. Continue cutting along the bones until the fillet ends at the tail, then pull the fillet away from the ribcage and slice it off.

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