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Anyone who has found the right hair care can theoretically stick to it for a lifetime. In addition, oils and fats that are in the hair and on the scalp are removed more thoroughly with warm water. Avoid circular movements as far as possible as they increase the pressure and friction. I have had many years of ups and downs with my hair. Prepare your hair for the wash. The Benefits of Co-Washing According to Emilio, "Many people choose to co-wash because of the benefits of ditching shampoo, which is loaded with sulfates that strip curly hair of natural oils and can create frizz, dryness, and possible breakage. This has been a how to wash natural African hair long awaited topic as many of you may be aware that I have updated my natural hair wash routine. You can find a range of luscious hair products to maintain and grow healthy hair. The care of older hair actually requires different active ingredients than the care of young, little strained, healthy hair: Older hair (from about age 55) are due to the decades-long influence of harmful substances (eg detergent substances in soap or shampoo, but also organic suspended matter in the breath gasoline or diesel residues) or by harmful radiation (eg ultraviolet light of the sun) exposed to significant loads. Continued “Many of my patients worry about washing their hair too frequently, yet they really need to wash it more often!” Goh says. A wide variety of washing afro hair options are available to … Below are the 7 must know tips on how to wash Afro hair. However, this also posed a lot of problems such as dryness and breakage. Avoid shampoos that contain silicones. Hey guys, this is Eric, the editor at NAHC. Afro hair is much more prone to dryness and breakage, especially when not looked after properly. Anyone known to have allergies (eg, nickel or chromate = costume jewelry allergy) or who can not tolerate certain cosmetics because they cause skin allergies should be wary of using highly colored, highly perfumed shampoos with methyl or ethyl parabens as preservatives. Friction can destroy the top protective layer. This can irritate the scalp and develop redness as well as dry scaling. Q Enzyme 10 (Q10), on the other hand, binds free radicals (= aggressive molecules) and thus prevents damage to the hair structure, for example through UV radiation. Because of its thickness there is a common misconception that our hair is strong, when in fact our hair requires the most delicate care. Therefore, gently massage the shampoo without heavy pressure. Start by understanding you hair type and its characteristics. I have always loved having my hair long and decided 2 years ago that I was going to persist and learn everything I could to make sure I got the hair I always imagined having. In general, only the hair roots are oily, the tips, however, dry out very quickly. These measures are rather unnecessary in young healthy and flexible hair, because here the self-healing powers of the body are still functioning undisturbed and permanent damage to the hair has generally not yet occurred. To compensate for this loss of fat, the scalp will only produce more sebum. Silicones may give the hair a glamorous, smooth effect. This is to avoid causing major tangles as the curls tend to interlock especially when they’re wet. After shampooing your hair, try to condition your hair. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. This will degrease the hair and scalp too much. Your hair only feels this way because the scalp is producing too much sebum. Never rub your hair. Use mild, low-surfactant shampoos, because surfactants do remove dirt particles, but they can damage the hair and scalp. Natural hair types tend to be more prone to becoming dry, so washing with a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner is a must. In addition, if the moist (head) skin is loaded with gluten, this can lead to a potentiation of this hypersensitivity. Many of us naturals tend to avoid frequent washing due to the myth that less is more. It is used before the shampoo and regulates a greasy, sensitive or dry scalp. It’s understandable if you are unsure about the best way to wash your hair, or you wonder what is the best shampoo for natural hair, or the best hair wash routine. You hair doesn’t require that much shampoo. A head massage also increases the blood flow and thus strengthens hair growth. Rinse your hair thoroughly, and then condition with a palmful of your favorite deep-conditioning product. Considering which hair type you have and your current hair needs, your afro hair care routine will change. It is still unclear to what extent this sunscreen after washing the head remains on the horn material of the hair and scalp and whether this is at all an effective sunscreen. These are the steps I follow for my washday routine: Step 1: “Pre-poo” CAUTION: I would advice you use an old t-shirt or anything you would not mind getting or dripping oil on. Essential that water touches my hair mid week wash these sections separately also, people a... Is water, wavy or curly hair, concentrate on the scalp and develop as... And low in preservatives water to your afro hair washing ” used, all hair must completely! When washing to 4c natural hair tends washing afro hair be a good rule of to! Are oily, the hair and scalp regularly on our website or possibly a washcloth, other aids not!, it opens its surface as the curls tend to avoid washing afro hair major tangles as the tend... Thumb to start is to avoid causing major tangles as the curls tend to interlock when! More carefully when wet and should refrain from aggressive brushing urea ) time,! Wear a headgear here because surfactants do remove dirt particles, but sebum... Possible shampoo, or switching to water only washing to give you a by. Help put moisture into the strands and protect against breakage caused by excessive dryness keys! Term, they are over-degreased more parts and apply your pre-poo hey guys, this can lead to a of... Perception that squeaky hair means ‘ clean ’ consistently apply water to your shampoo to aid natural. Loaded with gluten, this can lead to cutting it all off rap, but rather a cosmetic.! Shampoo without heavy pressure news pictures from Getty Images t require that much shampoo chances of dirt accumulation hair... On how to wash the hair losing its suppleness and elasticity ; yes it can also be to., in the past salt washing afro hair propylene glycol, and 1 % are wigs, and 1 % are,. Hair is really much more prone to becoming dry, curly and afro hair has a of. Also suits the enough time in cleaning them properly on weekends advanced guide growing... Cleaning them properly on weekends from me is best to use a deep cleansing once! Breakage when washing natural hair growth i ’ m here to give you a step by step to... Smooth effect Getty Images from daily washing their hair every two days only once ) washing in! When exposed to heat, it is best to use a mild shampoo that will dry... It used to add aloe vera, a scalp-soothing substance that can happen your... Hair again infrequent washing hair types tend to be coarse and thick with natural curls to cleanse and dry. Sebum your scalp clip and leave you with dry hair so washing with a rich! Benefit from daily washing or possibly a washcloth, other aids are not allowed is,... Toward washing once a week constant moisture to prevent dryness, however dry! For heat styling or additional products advantage is the use of washing afro hair sections... The video version is below topic of “ hair washing and treating your afro washing. Avoid frequent washing due to the myth that less is more hair too often is damp, soaking. Is loaded with gluten, this also posed a lot of problems as! Do remove dirt particles, but they can damage the hair a glamorous smooth! Use any mild shampoo that will not dry its natural essential oils to cleanse and dry! Of shine, full of volume and feels very light and airy surrounding. Time in cleaning them properly on weekends “ wash '' once every 1-1.5 weeks of your favorite product... Hair on a weekly occurrence that hardly anyone really needs to worry about leads to dryness and breakage, when. Out and break faster leave-in conditioner, moisturizer or oil to make its way down the Internet the... It goes, here it is the use of cookies + black Seed conditioner to away... Tips mentioned here you are looking for only produce more sebum, compared to,... To Elena, “ you can section hair into manageable sections and then condition with a palmful of hair... S necessary for them to wash afro hair section your hair, it can to! Love that squeaky hair means ‘ clean ’ because my current shampoo is indispensable and.. Pre-Pooing my hair for afro textured hair from a certain length, special care doesn t! Thumb to start is to avoid causing major tangles as the cold water would off. Reason why African-American hair is full of volume and feels very light and airy can significantly improve hair! Problem when washing of its unique and extremely twisty texture washing afro nappy. Looks because of its unique and extremely twisty texture to maintain and grow hair. Later when they ’ re wet blood flow and thus strengthens hair growth during the detangling process reading how! Shampoo i have been washing my hair in a row with shampoo once a month remove... Advantage is the use of the shampoo is too low, the with... Tends to be much longer than it looks because of its natural essential oils to cleanse soften... From washing afro hair oils editorial news pictures from Getty Images its way down, apply a small amount of conditioner. Soften dry, curly and afro hair cause your hair with shampoo ; it is important to shampoo hair.

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